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This 2500 sq. ft Mediterranean Single home residence started in 2004.

The concept was to design a green sustainable Mediterranean home.

It has been a challenging project due to a very steep slope site.

This steeply sloping site has beautiful panoramic views. The challenge was how to avoid as much as possible excavation and to erect the building on natural grade avoiding excavations and basements. 

Since the city required   3 car parking, we decided that the only place we will excavate the ground will be for the garage and lobby entrance. 

The car garage is designed to accommodate 3 cars. one slot will have 2 stackable cars and one stall will have one on ground.

The parking level has the car garage with a nice lobby leading to an elevator. The elevator is reaching a bridge with trellis that leads to the entrance of the house.

The floor plan is open have views from all corner of the beautiful treks’ sea and forest.

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