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We are a versatile architectural team that believes in functionality and cost-effective solutions. Our expertise lies in creating modern, eco-friendly living spaces. We specialize in designing ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) to meet California's new laws. Additionally, we excel in designing new homes and home additions, collaborating closely with experienced structural engineers and other experts.

Our design philosophy emphasizes harmony with nature and sustainable solutions, ensuring spaces that adapt to your changing needs. What sets us apart is our ability to work with a wide range of architectural styles, from Mediterranean to Midcentury, Cape Cod to Modern Farmer House. We can adapt any architectural style to create the perfect ADU or new home for you. Our commitment to delivering exceptional results ensures functional and budget-friendly solutions that suit your unique style and preferences.

 Explore our portfolio and be inspired by our vision. Contact us to bring your dreams to life and embark on a journey of architectural excellence.



We hired Rummy Dechner to design our ADU on top of the garage. Initially, we were prepared to sacrifice one parking spot to accommodate stairs leading up to the ADU. However, Rummy came up with a brilliant solution. She designed the stairs at the back of the garage in a way that didn't cost us any parking space. Moreover, we didn't have to lose the laundry area on that side as we could place it under the stairs. The ADU turned out beautifully, seamlessly blending with the exterior design as if it had always been there. We are thrilled with the results!

We were eager to convert our garage into an ADU and had a strong desire for a vaulted ceiling. However, our garage had trusses, making it seemingly impossible to achieve that vaulted look. Rummy came up with a brilliant idea: she suggested adding sister rafters in between the trusses to create space for insulation and exposing the trusses , painting them in white. The result was a unique and beautiful space that exceeded our expectations. We are thrilled with how it turned out.

9655 Granite Ridge Dr. #200 San Diego, CA 92123


Rummy is a supper professional architect specialized in ADU's and Additions. Rummy is currently in a process of submitting the drawing for one property i own while she is working on other one i own. The first one she did for me include home addition and complete re-configuration of the entire house. For my other property she is adding ADU and JADU and remodel the main house. All i can say that she is the most dedicated architect i ever worked with. She has great ideas and as a person who already build for herself she can give you the inside out and added value to your knowledge. I like working with Rummy, she is available, she has a great relationship with the city of San Diego and she knows what they are requiring so your permit process may be shorter. 




818 424 5479



  • Linkedin
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