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Lehrer ADU 1200 sq. ft. in corner lot 

Nestled in a charming corner lot, this 1200 sq. ft. ADU embraces modern design and smart space utilization to create a remarkable living experience. With its street-facing presence and thoughtfully designed layout, this ADU maximizes functionality and comfort while offering a stylish aesthetic.

The compact footprint of this ADU is perfectly suited for the small lot, showcasing a smart and efficient use of space. As you approach the ADU from the street, its modern allure immediately catches the eye. The sleek lines, clean façade, and large windows contribute to its contemporary charm.

Upon entering the ADU, you'll be welcomed into an open floor plan that seamlessly integrates the kitchen and living room. The open concept layout creates a spacious and airy feel, making the most of the available square footage. Large windows bathe the interior with natural light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.



Despite its modest footprint, this ADU excels in both design and functionality. The modern-style shade roof not only adds a distinctive architectural element but also provides energy efficiency and protection from the elements. The corner-lot location allows for easy street access, ensuring convenience for both residents and visitors.

In summary, this corner-lot 1200 sq. ft. ADU embraces modern design principles while maximizing space utilization. With its street-facing presence, modern-style shade roof, vaulted ceilings, and abundant windows, this ADU exudes contemporary elegance. The open floor plan kitchen and living room create a seamless flow, while the second-floor master suite provides a private oasis. Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality in this remarkable ADU designed for modern living.

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