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The transformation of this old house is a testament to modern design and functionality. While preserving some of the original exterior walls, we revitalized the space by relocating the garage to the front, creating a dynamic entry point through an interior courtyard.

Upon entering, you'll step into a welcoming foyer, offering tantalizing glimpses of the garden, spacious living room, and well-appointed kitchen. The high roof in these shared areas adds a sense of grandeur, while a cantina door connects the living room seamlessly with the outdoors.

Our design includes a luxurious master bedroom suite with an exquisite bathroom and a walk-in closet spacious enough to accommodate an island. For the family, we've ensured that the kid bedrooms are generously proportioned, providing comfort and room to grow.

This modern architectural style features shaded roofs, perfectly suited to the Arizona desert landscape. The building's color palette harmoniously blends with the surroundings, creating a striking and balanced aesthetic. Welcome to your transformed oasis in the desert – where modernity meets desert charm.

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