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Nestled in the lush landscape of Spring Valley, the  ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) is designed to embrace the serenity and natural beauty of the surroundings. Situated on a spacious lot adorned with abundant trees and exquisite vegetation, the ADU offers a tranquil retreat with utmost privacy.

Upon entering the ADU, you are greeted by a sense of openness and connection to the outdoors. The two bedrooms and living rooms are thoughtfully positioned to face the endless garden, allowing residents to enjoy the scenic views and immerse themselves in the calming ambiance. The large windows not only bring in ample natural light but also create a seamless integration between the interior and the enchanting outdoor environment.

The ADU encompasses an atelier, providing a dedicated space for artistic pursuits. Whether it be painting, sculpting, or any other creative endeavor, this space allows artists to find inspiration amidst the beauty of the surroundings. Additionally, a small storage area and a designated space for brush cleaning ensure convenience and organization within the atelier.

The heart of the ADU is an open-concept area that combines the kitchen, dining, and living room. This layout fosters a sense of togetherness and allows for effortless flow and interaction among residents and guests. The strategically placed windows in this shared space offer picturesque views of the expansive garden, bringing nature's tranquility indoors.

For added convenience and exclusivity, a private access point is available from the back of the ADU. This ensures a separate entrance, further enhancing the privacy and independence of the living space.

Emphasizing privacy and separation, there are no windows connecting the ADU to the main house. The two units are completely distinct and self-contained, allowing residents of both the ADU and the main house to enjoy their own private havens.

In summary, this  ADU in Spring Valley is a harmonious blend of functionality, natural beauty, and privacy. With its carefully curated design, including bedrooms and living rooms facing the stunning garden, an atelier for artistic endeavors, an open kitchen and living space with garden-facing windows, and a private access point, it provides an idyllic retreat within a verdant paradise.

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