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Master Bedroom Addition Kitchen Extension 

 We've meticulously crafted a design to suit our client's unique preferences and needs. The approach involved seamlessly integrating the new addition with the existing home, without the need to remove any exterior walls. Instead, we added a spacious master bedroom suite on the side.

Upon entering through a small foyer, one is greeted by the grandeur of the master bedroom. This room boasts a spectacular view and showcases a stunning gabled, vaulted ceiling. The master bathroom also shares in this magnificent view.

In the kitchen extension, we've extended the vaulted ceiling to maintain a cohesive design throughout. The primary goal was to create an addition that feels as though it's always been part of the home, preserving its original character while providing enhanced living spaces. Client satisfaction and comfort were our top priorities throughout this design process. 

Renders (2)_027.jpg

 new bedroom 

Renders (2)_002.jpg

A view to the entrance to the new master bedroom 

Renders (2)_040.jpg

 New bathroom

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