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Duplex Ester Rabin St. Denia Israel 

"In 1995, fresh out of the Technion and newly licensed as an architect, I embarked on my very first project in Israel. My husband and I decided to buy a lot in Denia Haifa, realizing that in order to design custom homes, I needed a portfolio.

Influenced by my admiration for architect Richard Meier, I envisioned modern white houses with flat roofs, high ceilings, large windows, and intricate layers. The lot we chose was ideal for a duplex, but I designed it in such a way that it appeared as one cohesive house from every angle.

Perched on a steep hill with breathtaking views, this house featured a spacious roof deck above the garage. Little did I know that this project would open doors to becoming a sought-after high-end architect in the prestigious Denia Haifa neighborhood, establishing my reputation in the field."

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