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  Hillside Home Renovation in Pacific Beach, San Diego


Our project involved transforming a hillside home in Pacific Beach, San Diego, with stunning panoramic views. The main challenge centered around the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom, which had a significant obstruction right at the center of the space.

Here's a summary of our key improvements:

Obstacle Removal: We eliminated a large obstruction in the living room and kitchen area, which included a staircase and a massive fireplace above substantial beams with exposed rafters. This obstruction had previously prevented insulation from being added.

Floating Stairs: To maintain accessibility while enhancing the open layout, we designed and installed floating stairs along the garage wall.

Master Bedroom Transformation: In the master bedroom, we faced a similar issue with a niche that hindered functionality. We removed the niche and created a new entrance, resulting in a spacious and inviting master bedroom.

Kitchen Upgrade: We extended a large window to maximize the breathtaking views and expanded a wall to accommodate a larger refrigerator and pantry. This transformed the kitchen into a brighter, more functional space.

Enhanced Flow: Our overall approach focused on creating an open and spacious flow throughout the house, ensuring that every corner offered beautiful views and a sense of spaciousness.

Guest Room addition: At the front of the house, we added  the guest room, providing guests with beautiful views of a landscaped courtyard, enhancing their overall experience.

The result is a hillside home in Pacific Beach, San Diego, that seamlessly blends modern living with captivating views, offering a spacious and inviting environment for its residents and guests.

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