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 CID RUMMY DECHNER was founded in 2000 to provide clients with exceptional design services. We believe in staying at the forefront of the latest trends; providing our clients with modern and truly creative ideas. From the initial strategy to the final outcome, we offer guidance and support throughout the whole design process.


We’ll work closely with you to understand what you want, what your style is, and what elements are most important to you. Explore our site to see all that we have to offer and what we can do for you today.

CID Rummy Dechner & Associate is a Residential Design firm in San Diego & Los Angeles offering complete Residential and interior design services. Our work has proven successful in providing aesthetic yet functional environments that help our clients celebrate and reflect their lifestyles. New projects will be quickly completed within budget parameters, helping you to keep your projects on track and to make you a satisfied customer. 
Always executed and delivered with an emphasis on superior service, our wide range of experience includes:  



Current work: 2014 – Present
Customs single new homes, ADU, Garage Conversions to Companion Unit, Additions, Remodels. California.

Los Angeles, San Diego, Redding,  Thousand Oaks,  Chico,   

GDR Architects 
Itay Architectural Group 
Rummy Dechner & Greg Richards Architects
Small architectural firm in Marin County. 
Work includes custom residential, New houses in Oakland California,
Multi - Family condominium 11 units in Padre Island Texas, New England Style Hotel in Ocean City.
All kinds of home additions and home interior designs in Novato, Tiburon, San Rafael, Bolinas, Mill Valley, and San Francisco.

Dechner & Associate Ltd. Haifa Israel
President & Chief Architect 
Founded and launched an architectural firm specializing in architecture and Interior design of high-end custom residential homes, multi-family housing projects, and apartment buildings. Orchestrate and successfully built a network of customer base leading to a growing flow of new projects.
Achieved professional recognition for the distinctive design of contemporary single-family custom homes in the unique topography of the Carmel Natural Reserve mountains.
Leading and supervising several architects using state-of-the-art Cad technology.

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