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Albemarle ADU 2 ADU+2 Bonus ADU

 "Efficient and Cost-Effective Housing Project: Maximizing Space and Privacy"


Initial Design Concept: We started with a plan to build a single structure with two Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on the ground floor and two smaller bonus ADUs on the second floor, aiming to maximize space and rental income. However, this changed our occupancy classification from R3 to R2, triggering costly regulatory requirements.

Revised Approach: To avoid these costly upgrades and stay within R3 regulations, we decided to maintain the R3 occupancy classification.

New Design: Our revised design consists of two separate buildings, each with two units. Larger ADUs are on the ground floor with direct garden access, and the upper units are bonus ADUs. This aligns with R3 regulations and enhances privacy for each unit.

Privacy and Open Space Utilization: We prioritized privacy by separating the larger ADUs on the ground floor. Thoughtfully positioned windows provide natural light and ventilation while preserving resident privacy.

Conclusion: Our project highlights the importance of adaptability and creativity in real estate development. By aligning with R3 regulations, we reduced costs, avoided compliance issues, and prioritized resident comfort. This project demonstrates the value of flexible and effective design.

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